What I do


It all starts with the layout. There should be a perfect layout for every person, every system, every business case. The real magic is to find that perfect one.


Sometimes the whole system relies on the right element in the right place. Creating functional and eye- pleasing controls and finding their place is one of my important skills.

A/B testing

Taste is individual. Crowd's taste is much more standard. Each system has its customers. Listening to their response will produce the best interface. Without excessive testing, there cannot be an excellent outcome.

Visual Design

Last but not the least important in one project is how all that work looks when put together. It’s human nature to love 'pretty' things - one of my important tasks is to make thing more 'pretty' whenever possible.


What I Did

Ocean Group


Web site planning, design and implementation; complete corporate visual identity

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Web site planning, design and implementation; complete corporate and product visual identity; product packaging

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Mendoza International


Complete corporate and product visual identity; products packaging; web site planning, design and implementation

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Some of the logos i have designed over time

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Web Sites


Web Sites i have made

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Print Design


Some of my print works

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Who Am I

Milorad Vasović MAKS

Team player/One man army

I have experience working in teams, and as a single developer. I can easily join the team and still have enough individual skills to make decisions without much supervision.


To be in this field of work, innovation is almost a mandatory skill. I am not afraid to test new working techniques and approaches.

Best of both worlds

have one nice advantage over many: I can call myself both 'programmer' and 'designer'. I have extensive experience in both fields: graphic and coding. That advantage helps me to bridge the differences between classic visual artists and classic hard coders - I know the troubles of both teams, played on both sides.

Learn, always

You can never know it all. You can never know 'enough'. Constant learning is the only way in my field of work. In such a dynamic environment, to stop learning new skills is sure way to be obsolete fast.

No, seriously, what do I do?

Well, I make very good stuff and I make stuff very good.

Contact me

My email is pobesnelimaks(at)gmail.com